BOOK RELEASE – The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation

Dear friends – I am excited to share the news that Part 1 of my book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation,”  is now available in PDF form. 

I have decided to release the first half of the book now for multiple reasons, but mainly because I feel an urgency to get the information out to the public so that babies and children might be protected from further harm.  The threat we are facing from radiation exposure is very serious and 5G is closing in at warp speed.  I am not exaggerating when I say that entire genetic bloodlines are at risk of becoming extinct if we do not deal with the radiation issue now.  Please understand that ultrasound is part of the radiation issue and our developing babies are at great risk of being born with some form of genetic damage from exposure to this technology.  I am hoping that the information I have shared in Part 1 will awaken people to the facts and motivate them to make changes right away.

Part 1 of the book contains the following information:

  • Introduction

  • What is Ultrasound? – Ultrasound is Radiation

  • What is Radiation

  • Artificial vs. Natural Radiation

  • No Discernible Difference Between Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

  • A Single Exposure to Ultrasound Causes DNA Damage Similar to 250 Chest X-rays

  • Ultrasonic Heating and Birth Defects

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation Boiling the Internal Contents of our Babies While Leaving No Sign of Damage on the Skin

  • Infertility – Ultrasound Stops Sperm Production and Irradiates all Female Eggs – Genetic Damage Gets Passed on for Ten Generations and Beyond

  • In Utero Growth Retardation – FDA Finds Ultrasound Causes Low Birth Weight; Raises Allowable Output Limits Anyway

  • Is Non-Ionizing Radiation Really Safe or Have They Been Lying to Us All Along?

The last chapter is approximately 80 pages in length and covers technologies like cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, smart meters, solar energy, and the threat of 5G.   This chapter is a must read for those who wish to learn the facts about these technologies. 

Cost for the PDF is $15

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FYI – Part 1 is approximately 250 pages in length plus an additional 100 pages of endnotes with more than 1200 citations (and that’s just the first half of the book!).  I am hoping to have Part 2 available later this year.  It is still being written, but so far it contains personal stories from parents who received false positive ultrasound diagnoses (ultrasound is notorious for false positives) and the impact this had on their children and their families.  Part 2 also contains a detailed chapter on the link between ultrasound and the resulting genetic and brain damage that is contributing to the autism epidemic (as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders).  Another chapter of Part 2 explores the increasing rates of infant and early childhood hearing loss (babies can hear these frequencies and they are LOUD) and the fact that manmade ultrasonic (and microwave) frequencies can seriously damage the ears.  Additionally, Part 2 addresses childhood cancers like leukemia and brain cancer and the fact that ultrasound can contribute to the development of cancer and other radiation-induced diseases.

The medical establishment is literally cooking our children with ultrasound, boiling the blood, lymph, amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (that totally surrounds the brain), and more.  Sadly, technologies that we use in our daily lives, like cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, etc., are also cooking us from the inside out.  Most of these technologies are using the 2.4 GHz frequency that is known to cause infertility and brain damage and that is used in microwave ovens because it maximizes the absorption of radiation in mammalian bodies.  Hence, most of us are literally living inside of microwave ovens when we are surrounded by these technologies.

We and our children are in danger. It is imperative for people to learn the facts. Part 2 of the book will address what we can do in our lives and in our homes to rid ourselves of this menace.  The book will also make suggestions about what we can do to correct the biological damage that may have been caused by these technologies.



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6 thoughts on “BOOK RELEASE – The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation

  1. Hi Jeanice!

    Rick Bonner here. I didn’t go to your new Stripe site to get a copy, because I don’t do ‘plastic’, digitized pretend ‘money’; only fiat currency type pretend ‘money’, so…, I’ll send you a US Postal ‘money’ order for one of your newest ‘The Dangers of Prenatal Ultrasound’ Part Ones. Also, you’ll find an additional piece of ‘money’ which is a weak and, I’m afraid, barely audible attempt to express how much I appreciate You and your Great Work on Creation’s behalf.

    Fortune favors those who dare.

    Post Script: You surely now have something ‘new’ to say during over-the-airwave interviews! Here’s to wishing you have hardly anytime left for yourself for a little while, as Show-hosts clamor to get you on their broadcasts.

    • Dear Rick – what a beautiful comment! THANK YOU! I am so grateful for your enthusiastic support! God loves you and I do too!

  2. I love your work!! They made me have 11 ultrasounds with by last baby saying ”she was small/ could not measure her size etc. Now she is showing autism traits & her health visitor (In the UK) is just bypassing it all. I wish i knew all this before having my 3, already stopped vaccines after my 2nd but did not think about the ultrasound side of it. Also was induced on all 3 because they were late by 2 weeks. Makes me sick & i will forever carry the guilt of doing this to my babies. God bless you & keep up the good work <3

    • Kay – did you purchase the PDF? It will explain how ultrasound is CAUSING low birth weight and intrauterine growth retardation. Ironic since they claim they are looking for these things but are causing them instead with their scans. Also, ultrasound is hugely contributing to autism. Would you like to be interviewed for Part 2 of my book? Parental observations and experiences are very important. I hope you get the book. You can order it through this website. And please contact me if you are willing to be interviewed.

  3. Blessings to you Jeanice, for your vision, your dedication, your heart.
    I’ve read the .pdf portion. It is MUST HAVE information for anyone anticipating pregnancy!

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