Home Birth vs Hospital Birth – A Pictorial Display

No words are necessary to describe the difference between hospital birth and home birth.  The pictures below speak for themselves.  First, I will show you the beauty, then I will show you the beast.

Which would YOU choose?

Which do you think your baby would prefer?


Please note: I do not know the source of some of the pictures below. Where the source is known, I have credited that person or photographer. If any of my readers know the source for an unmarked picture below, please let me know and I will gladly credit the source next to the picture. And/or I can remove the pictures if anyone is uncomfortable with me posting them here.


Photo Credit Tanya Walker Midwife









Photo Credit Angie Garapata DeGaytan







Photo Credit Lamae Saunders












Photo Credit Midwife Carol Gautschi



Photo Credit Gregarius Peach



Photo Source Unknown


















Photo Credit for the following photos:  Doula Patti Ramos

Cesarean Butchery




The Hijacked Birth



Merciless PULLING on the head and neck
Forceful removal from the womb

Stealing the baby’s birth victory



More merciless pulling on the neck




Staples in the Body?  Seriously????
Are These the Same People That Created Frankenstein?
What the Hell Is Wrong With These People?



What would a good medical ritual be without needles and drugs?
And hey, did you know that epidural anesthesia contains fentanyl
and babies born on drugs like fentanyl have a good chance of becoming addicted to opioids later in life?



Oral and Nasal Rape
Baby does NOT like this at all as you can clearly see from baby’s body posture
i.e., tense feet, screaming, trying to push the abusers away



Separation of Mother and Baby
Immobilizing Both Mother and Child
No Eye Contact, No Skin-to-Skin, No Touching
Mom is Drugged and Sad

Bonding is Blocked and Deep Grief is Likely to Ensue



More Mother Grief
Immobilized Mom and Babe
Gunk in Baby’s Eyes Prevents Eye Contact and Undermines Bonding
Baby Does NOT Trust Hospital Personnel




Cutting the Cord and Stealing Baby’s Blood is Cruel!
These Vampires Sell Baby’s Umbilical Blood to the Highest Bidder
Baby’s Oxygen Supply is Cut Off
Baby Has Just Lost 1/3 of His/Her Blood Supply
This is Abuse!



Photo Source for the following photos is unknown:


Hey Doc!  I’m NOT Made of Elastic!
What the Hell Are You Doing?
Could you Possibly Be any More Forceful?



You are kidding me right?





Violent Rupture of Water Membranes
Destroys the Padding that Protects the Baby from the Intensity of Contractions
Causes Baby to Experience Pain During Birth




Please get me to a chiropractor immediately.
These brutish people have just mangled my spinal cord.




Alienating, Isolating, and Disempowering Fathers
Doctors have Usurped the Father’s Role During Birth
This Does Not Bode Well for a Healthy Marriage



The Satanic Ritual of Cesarean Birth — As Drawn by a Victim







Ouch Mommy!!!  Why did they do this to you?




Separating Mother and Baby at Birth
A surefire way to undermine bonding, interfere with breastfeeding,
cause postpartum depression, and break down the family
The eye ointment prevents bonding too by blocking eye contact




Circumcision – The ritual sexual torture and genital mutilation of infants
Done 96% of the time in the US with no anesthetic
In this case they combine the torture of swaddling with genital torture
This causes maximum pain, terror, brain damage, and ultimately dissociation
Bonding between this baby and his parents will be forever undermined
He now knows they will not protect him from harm

Swaddled hands while being cut

5 thoughts on “Home Birth vs Hospital Birth – A Pictorial Display

      • Barley – I recommend you read my Birth Trauma book. You will learn so much about what this surgery actually does to interfere with proper sexual functioning and men’s health. Circumcision actually makes men more susceptible to infection since the protective foreskin has been removed and the vulnerable glans is totally exposed. Scientific studies have shown that circumcision does NOT protect against STDs or HIV. This is a medical lie. You can learn about one study here: http://www.thewholenetwork.org/14/post/2011/10/us-navy-finds-that-circumcision-does-not-prevent-hiv-or-stis.html. And here’s an interesting article about this: http://birthofanewearth.blogspot.com/2012/08/hiv-infection-rate-higher-amongst.html

        Regarding sexual performance, circumcised men have been dealt a crushing blow. Due to the removal of the foreskin, their sensitivity is hugely decreased, forcing them to thrust and thrust repeatedly in order to gain enough sensation to reach orgasm. Intact men have no such need to pound and pound into a vagina because they have exquisite sensitivity and can move very gently and slowly and easily without any forcefulness.

        Also, circumcised penises cause an abnormal drying of the vagina because each time the circumcised man pulls out, vaginal fluids get stuck up under the rim of the penis and pulled out too. This causes circumcised men and their partners to often have to use toxic lubricants in order to avoid painful intercourse. Often the woman is blamed for what the circumcised penis is causing.

        There is much more I could say here but I suggest you read my book so you can understand more. There is nothing beneficial about circumcision. It is satanic ritual abuse and the people responsible for doing to this to infants need to be locked up for life. Here’s a link to my book: https://www.birthofanewearth.com/1/birth-trauma-and-the-dark-side-of-modern-medicine/

  1. the beauty is true joy.i love the care of the mom from her family and friends.my mom had 12 and only one in the hospital.thank you Jeanice for your all-caring heart.

    • What a beautiful comment Tom! And you are one of 12! WOW!!! That is truly amazing in today’s world. And only one baby in 12 born in hospital! Another amazing achievement! I should like to meet your mother sometime Tom! She sounds like an incredible person. And of course, she gave birth to you! And I should like to meet you too!

      Blessings to you dear friend, and thank you for your kind words and your donation. They both mean so much.


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