Birth of a New Earth Parenting Program

Attention parents, parents-to-be, youth workers, childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, childbirth professionals, and those interested in personal healing and development


The next Birth of a New Earth Parenting Program begins February 12, 2019. Unlike any other training that has come before, this revolutionary new program offers life-changing, consciousness-altering information for the healing of our species and the birth of a new humanity.

The program is the first of it’s kind to emerge anywhere in the world and emphasizes the importance of doing preparatory work prior to the conception of children. Classes will provide an in-depth exploration of how to create healthy relationships, how to create a healthy preconception environment, the importance of the conception imprint, how to create a love-filled pregnancy and birth experience, and how to parent children consciously so they can be happy, healthy and wise.

The program is designed to assist future parents in understanding the keys to preserving love in families. Hence, we will dive deeply into the shadow side of human sexuality, childbirth, and parenting as they are being expressed in western societies today. We will discuss the impact our attitudes and behaviors are having on our children, our families, our society, and our entire civilization and how to change gears so that we can create love-filled, enduring unions and a birth experience that will lay the foundation for the fulfillment of human love on Earth.



The program will also provide participants with a forum for personal healing and development. For those who have had difficult relationships with their parents and/or their children, and for those who have had difficult pregnancies or births, this program will provide an opportunity to heal. All participants will be introduced to a self-care tool (Jin Shin Jyutsu) that can be used effectively for the healing of past trauma. This healing is much needed if we are to bring forth children gently who are not weighed down by intergenerational trauma and who will not suffer the consequences of traumatic gestation or birth.



I heartfully invite you to join in this amazing journey and I ask that, if you are unsure about whether the training is right for you, please consider some of the benefits you will receive by participating.

During the training:

  • we will explore the topic of human sexuality in a way that has never before been discussed in any classroom, educational setting, or treatise on human sexuality;

  • we will discuss, at-length, the steps necessary for the creation of an ecstatic, love-filled birth — starting with a proper preconception environment and moving through the phases of conception, gestation, and birth;

  • we will explore, in depth, the important role of the father during the childbearing year — a topic that is rarely addressed in our society and that tends to be completely ignored;

  • you will receive in-depth information about prenatal and birth trauma and how early experiences impact our adult relationships, our personality, our physical bodies, our nervous-system, our consciousness, and our overall well-being;

  • you will be introduced to one of the most powerful tools for the healing and prevention of early trauma – a tool that is based in self-care and can be shared with friends, family, and future students and/or clients;

  • you will deepen your awareness of your own early wounds and your capacity to consciously transform them;

  • you will become better parents, childbirth educators, service providers, and birth professionals;

  • you will receive cutting-edge information which has not been discussed anywhere before — information necessary to uphold a safe and sacred birthing field and support the transformation necessary within yourself, your students and/or your clients to create it; and

  • you will learn the information contained in the Birth of a New Earth curriculum — a curriculum that will empower and transform you and that will enable you to assist others with information that can truly change the face of humanity and the future of our planet.

To view the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum, go here:

Please remember that no college or institute of higher learning will ever offer you the quality of information you will get through this program — and at a fraction of the cost you would pay for such learning. Your willingness to participate in this program is one of the highest forms of planetary service you can offer our world. When enough future parents become privy to the wisdom contained in the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum, we will begin to see the birth of a new species – i.e., fully realized humans — and a completely new expression of Earthly reality.

I invite you to look into your hearts to determine whether you would like to be on the front-lines of shifting consciousness on our planet. If the answer is yes, then please contact me by e-mailing

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your willingness to be a part of this life-changing opportunity.

NOTE: Parenting Program runs for 20 consecutive weeks and is offered via webinar. It is available worldwide with a telephone and/or internet connection. All classes are 90-120 minutes and are recorded and available for download at a later date.


Cost for the training has been reduced to $750 in order to accommodate more participants.

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The Birth of a New Earth Curriculum and Parenting Program were created by Jeanice Barcelo, M.A. and are being offered as an antidote to the current trauma-based paradigm of unconscious conception and technological birth. This work has been inspired by Jeanice’s own personal experiences with pregnancy and birth, and years of professional study and training regarding the impact of prenatal and birth experiences on the human spirit/body/mind system.


The Curriculum and Parenting Program have also been strongly influenced by Jeanice’s reading of the Ringing Cedars books ( and her deep desire to effectuate global transformation by transforming the way we conceive, gestate and birth our children.


The Birth of a New Earth Curriculum is designed to educate future parents about the importance of conscious procreation and to provide them with the information and tools they need to conceive their babies consciously, gestate them in trauma-free wombs, birth them in gentle, loving environments, and parent them in the most conscious and loving way. The Curriculum will have its strongest impact by reaching future parents BEFORE they conceive their babies.


View the full curriculum here.


Jeanice Barcelo is an author, educator, researcher, and activist dedicated to exposing the dark side of western medicine. In her book, “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine,” Jeanice exposes the systematic violence of hospital birth that is contributing to a breakdown in family love. Jeanice has lectured extensively on this and other topics and has spent the last 15+ years uncovering the roots of institutionalized violence and the long-term, inter-generational impact of birth trauma on parents, children, families, and our entire civilization. Jeanice is an international speaker, TV and radio show host, and author of the forthcoming book “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound. and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation.” She has been an independent educator and transformational teacher for the past 15 years, offering lectures, seminars and parenting programs, as well as workshops and programs designed especially for men.


For more information about Jeanice’s work, please visit the various pages of this website or e-mail:  Also visit Jeanice’s other website:

REFUND POLICY – Because of the low price being offered for this training, no refunds will be issued for cancellation, however, payment can be used toward a future training.

2 thoughts on “Birth of a New Earth Parenting Program

  1. Hi Jeanice: Just learned of your lifes work … so thankful.. I have a Chiropractic background and this training led me step by step to you.. My e-book on Amazon kindle is “Let the fetus have it’s say!” Lee Robert Moulson, a good friend in the urine therapy community sent me the link to your website and is wanting us to do an interview together on his alkalize to real eyes talk show.. I welcome the chance to corraborate with you. As I read your fathers role curriculum outline, I did not percieve that you as yet percieve sex during pregnancy as a no-no. We humans are the only mammal that has sex after conception and I see this as the original sin that brought death and dying to our earth.. any feedback is welcome and please do take a look at my ebook to gain insight as to how I arrived at this conclusion after over 35 years of self healing work. regards, I AM Jeff Schofield DC

    • Hi Jeffory – It is good to connect. Please feel free to email me so we can chat privately — I am right there with you in terms of the damage we are doing to ourselves and our children with respect to the way we are having sex. I would take it one step further — beyond just not having sex during pregnancy — and say that we need to stop having sex just for the sake of getting off. The energy is intended for the creation of life and we have been misusing it for far too long. It has caused massive pain both in children and their parents. And it is wreaking havoc with our world.

      Let’s do chat privately. Please email me or send me yours. Thanks for the link to your book. I will definitely check it out.

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